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Consortium Incentive Grants

Cadre of Coaches

“Supporting Implementation of Training Modules for Eligible Binational Migrant Students”

An essential element of the InEt Consortium Grant is to identify, train and make available a cadre of coaches who will support the implementation of the training modules throughout the InET Consortium.  The Coaches will be assigned to a specific module that aligns to their area of expertise and will provide either online or face-to-face (as available) assistance as requested by the InET states.

The primary purpose in identifying a cadre of coaches is to provide expertise that will enhance the professional learning support services provided by each state to their binational migrant professionals and educators.  The trained coaches will provide researched based information and will seek expert resources from the InEt states to add relevant content to the training modules.

The training modules were selected by the InET states in response to a survey requesting their urgent needs with respect to professional learning. The first three modules listed below are in the final stages of completion and the work of the last three will be initiated in September 2013 by a team of experts representing the InET states. All six will be available on the InET Website for electronic access.

  1. Basic Information on Binational Migrant Students and Programs
  2. Strategies and Materials for Binational Migrant Students
  3. Implementing the Teacher Exchange Program
  4. Evaluating Services to Binational Migrant Students (designing an implementation and outcome evaluation of state and local binational services)
  5. Including Binational Migrant Students in State and Local MEPs (conducting CNAs and updating SDPs, re-allocating resources for serving binational students, improving binational student services)
  6. The Mexican School System (understanding the differences between how schools operate in the U.S. and Mexico)
Cadre of Coaches
Coach/ Email Phone Area(s) of Expertise Related Module State
Christina Álvarez 208-221-4916 Teacher Exchange 1,3 ID
Laura Blancas 303-866-6490 Teacher Exchange 1,3 CO
Frank Contreras 512-644-7312 MX Education System 4,6 TX
Margarita Elorriaga 717-321-3284 Instruction, MX Education System 2,6 PA
Mary Haluska   Instruction 2 AZ
Ignacio Robles 503-540-4463 Teacher Exchange 2 OR
Antonio Ramos 503-385-4678 Teacher Exchange 2,5 OR
Jesús Taddei   Educational Technology 8 AZ
Noemí Treviño   Literacy 2 MN
Suzanne Wetzel 402-557-2493 Instruction, PK, Teacher Exchange 2,5 NE
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